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In line with our drive to provide state-of-the-art solutions to keep our clients in the cutting edge of their business, Connexus Ventures has aligned with our UK and International partner, Prolificat Studios. We offer more.

About Us.

Connexus Ventures boasts of a variety of online services and website that are its own creation. Each product is service-oriented and aims to add value in some way or the other to the intended users.

Some of our ventures are NameChange Nigeria and Distrotag™. Connexus Ventures prides itself in its patriotic orientation to innovation, aiming at Nigeria and Nigerians as a niche market for its products.

Contact Numbers:

Phone: (+234) 810 606 0000 (+ whatsapp)
Mobile: (+234) 817 727 1887 (+ whatsapp)
UK: (+44) 1908 015 701



Suite 16 Ikeja Way, Dolphin Estate
Lagos, Nigeria

Suite 16 Ikeja Way, Dolphin Estate
Lagos, Nigeria